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Zia Consulting has a customer base of banking and financial services, manufacturing, logistical companies, and Silicon Valley technology companies. We also work with one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. With the many verticals that we cover comes a wide range of content management problems, right? Well, not necessarily. The reality is, our customers’ problems aren’t all “special.” They’re not all unique. I say this tongue in cheek, because after working with such a variety of customers, we can see that their problems have similarities.

Industry to industry vendor onboarding

For instance, if one of our insurance customers has a “vendor onboarding” problem, we can apply some of the same best practices as “new customer onboarding” for manufacturing customers.

One of our insurance customers does almost about 60% of their new business sales in Q4 every year. Come January first, they need to onboard a massive amount of customer data into their systems of record. They need to put their contact information into a customer service system. They need to have their insurance plan specifics loaded into the claims system so it’s ready to adjudicate their claims. Every employee covered on their plan needs to be properly loaded into the billing system. Then, their bill will be accurate. At the “time of claim,” they’re shown as having coverage and won’t be denied due to a “system error.”

Insurance has many complexities when it comes to their new customer onboarding process. However, they’re not unique in comparison to onboarding a new banking client.

Improving document capture and migration across industries

Zia’s technology partners allow us to solve similar problems in various industries with rock-solid technologies. The principles we apply with document capture can make all the difference in multiple processes you may have within your organization. The premise can be simple. If we feed your existing workflow system higher quality information, then it can react in new ways. This enables your organization to run more efficiently. Better customer experiences lead to more referral business. If you’re like 95% or more of our customers, your project is likely to involve document migration.

When one approach fits most, but not all industries

Now, this isn’t to say that Zia can’t get into very specific and unique content management problems and cause change. Zia works with one of the largest aerospace companies in the world and the security steps that we implement on top of our core content management practices makes our projects more complicated. Our service delivery team can execute on multilayered projects because our creative problem-solving is informed by our experience with different verticals. We can complete these projects both on time and within budget because we’ve done them so many times over our company’s eighteen years of being in business.

We love that our customers recommend us and keep coming back to collaborate on creative projects.  Contact us today for a complimentary discovery call.

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