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Human Resources solutions

Simplify the process of employee recruiting, onboarding, and termination.

The business processes involved in the lifecycle of human resources are some of the most document-centric of any part of an organization.

As a result, there is a growing focus on human resources solutions as an area that is ready for ECM modernization. Many organizations are still manually processing HR documents—such as applications, onboarding, and status changes—which is expensive, slow, and often error-prone. The lack of transparency in the process leads to poor communication, as applicants and employees are often unsure of the status of their request until it is finally completed.


This multi-part demonstration walks through an employee onboarding process including creating an employee agreement, filing and package validation, as well as secure collaboration.

Problems We Solve


Cost and Complexity

Our HR automation solutions reduce expenses and simplify your processes.


Control and Compliance

Secure ECM solutions mitigate the risk of non-compliance while allowing your team to maintain complete control of your content.


Lack of User Adoption

Ease of use eliminates the need for shared drives and cloud sharing technologies.

Human Resources Solutions Feature:

Human Resources Solutions for Email

Email and Office integration

Enterprise Search for Human Resources Solutions

Enterprise search

Working With Zia Consulting

Zia understands that when systems are easy to use and leverage existing tools like Office or Google Docs, the result is increased utilization and an improvement in control and compliance. Our human resources solutions deliver document and records management that are as simple as using email or file systems, with the power of enterprise-class CMS features and functionality. Our solution applies a role-based case management methodology to the business of processing documents. We leverage smart templates specifically created for HR use cases and advanced workflow capabilities.

Results You Can Expect


ROI in less than nine months


50% increase in productivity


Improved applicant/ employee satisfaction


Enhanced compliance


Actionable analytics

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