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When we hire to our values, the end result is that the company becomes the kind of extended family we actually enjoy. From the outside, it’s easy to be skeptical of such a claim. However, within a few months of being employed at Zia, you realize that the core values truly inform the company culture. This is often in contrast to companies that tout values such as “honor,” “respect,” or “integrity” without intention. Empty values, in reality, translates to organizations taking on their own values, or lack thereof.

With Zia’s focus on the Zia Family, we work as a team and trust each other. Prior to the pandemic, we made extra efforts to extend this to our remote workers. We continue to cultivate strong relationships with each other, our customers, and our partners on the business level and in a personal sense. This holds true even as we are all remote. We share our resources and connect our resources with those who need them. From information to supplies, the Zia Family delivers.

Principal Solutions Engineer Jon Solove nominated Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Pat Myers for exemplifying the Zia Family.

“Pat wears many hats at Zia—EVP, co-founder, capture guru, culture tsar, and a hundred others. Despite his full plate, he goes above and beyond to help anyone in need, whether it’s assisting in an implementation, facilitating knowledge transfer, checking in on a consultant on a hard project, or just checking in as a friend when someone needs it. 

“Regardless of how much of a mess his calendar is (and it always is), he finds time to help because that is just who he is; a great friend, a mentor, a brilliant consultant, an architect, and a drinking buddy. Usually all at once.

“Pat embodies the Zia Family. He cares for everyone deeply, is best friends with everyone, and truly and altruistically wants the best for every employee, partner, and customer. When I think of the Zia Family, I think of Pat Myers.”

Likewise, Senior Project Manager and Business Analyst Megan Hoffman nominated Director of Engineering Michael Muller for living up to this core value.

“The Zia Family means working together as a team, going out of your way to help each other, celebrating each other’s accomplishments, and supporting each other when things get challenging. 

“During my 8+ years working for Zia, the Zia Family has been one of my main support systems. During these challenging times that support has been stronger than ever. Literally overnight my life switched from a dual working household with two young children, which was taxing in itself, to two parents working from home, schooling a first grader, and preschooling an almost three-year-old—all at the same time. 

“Without the support from Zia, and in particular my colleague Michael Muller, this challenging time would be impossibly chaotic. Mike has repeatedly gone out of his way to meet with me during off hours and often late into the night, not for his own benefit, but to accommodate my schedule, and to ensure I could continue to deliver on my commitments to Zia and to our customers. 

“Mike is extremely understanding of the interruptions and abruptly ended phone calls. Thank you, Mike, for your continued support during this challenging time. You are not only a colleague but a friend and you truly embody the spirit of the Zia Family.”

Many thanks to Pat and Mike for exemplifying the Zia Family and inspiring us to be our best. Read the rest of our Core Values series to get a sense of what Zia is about.

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