Integrity is core to our business practices and applies equally to our relationships with clients, partners, and employees. We deliver sound solutions to our clients, treat our partners with respect, and take care of our employees and their families with one goal in mind… to create raving fans of everyone we work with. To that end, we embody five core values as a company. 

Quite the opposite of the hollow corporate values, we hire to our core values, bringing on people who we know will mesh well with and contribute to our teams. This way, our employees don’t strive to act in unnatural ways or meet arbitrary standards. We talk about our core values at town halls, meetings, and coaching sessions—in short, our values are always in focus. We highlight individuals’ contributions to the company and community, especially during this time of uncertainty. In no small way, it gives us something to celebrate and be proud of.

To that end, these are our five core values at Zia. 

Compassionate and Caring

  • We value our customer beyond the dollar amount they bring to us
  • We exceed expectations as a way of life
  • Family comes first, and so we offer flexible work hours (“Uber Flextime”)

Awesome Smart

  • Calm is contagious
  • We’re agile because change is consistent
  • We anticipate the needs of our customers based on the emotional gauges we have

Driven and Hardworking

  • When all hell breaks loose, we remember to focus only on the next five minutes, and then be excellent in those five minutes
  • Our processes are effective, proven, and documented. We trust—and don’t overthink—what we know works
  • Coaching is available to all of our employees to strategize how to achieve goals and solve problems efficiently and with compassion

Getting the Right Things Done

  • We encourage the practice of writing down our daily Most Important Tasks (MITs). We encourage the accountability buddy system in order to stay on track
  • We are extra diligent on blocking and prospecting our time
  • First, we seek first to understand, then to be understood

Zia Family

In the coming weeks, we will dive into each of our core values with internally crowdsourced examples, and insights from our company. We look forward to sharing our culture with you.

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