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It is a regular practice for marketing teams to evaluate current trends so they can position themselves as the brand of choice in their respective markets. It’s also not uncommon to see messaging that positions a company’s sustainability, advocacy for social issues, and track record for delivering value to their customers. Companies want to showcase that they have the “it factor”, or the hottest product on the market. Yet, the modern consumer wants to go beyond the product alone. They want to identify with a brand’s values before doing business with them. Both factors contribute to making optimal purchasing decisions. While many things have been important to consumers during these challenging times, there is an ever growing awareness of the importance of protecting an individual’s personal data. This has led to an increasing demand for consumers to take an active role in understanding how their personal information is collected and used by the companies with which they choose to do business.

Changing attitudes and expectations around privacy have led to legislation like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).  Companies often contact Zia for assistance in upgrading their Automated Governance and regulatory policies so they comply with these regulations. Zia typically starts by examining current practices, collecting personal information, and developing internal processes to ensure their compliance matches the states in which they do business. Then, they apply their knowledge of hyperautomation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to reduce the manual processes needed to establish a streamlined compliance process. They also help modernize how information is stored, processed, decimated, archived, and ultimately dispositioned. By combining best-in-breed software with vetted partnerships and proprietary knowledge, Zia offers a privacy governance solution that ensures your organization is uniquely positioned to meet the constantly evolving regulatory requirements.

Most companies are going through some degree of digital transformation and one of the primary justifications is to improve the customer experience. We expect to see continued investments across industries driven by compliance concerns. We also expect to see companies positioning themselves as ones that cares about what the modern consumer values. Across industries, the modern consumer values being informed and having control over how their personal data is used. They have shorter attention spans and are driving the need for a digital transformation experience that is fast, intuitive, and customer centric. It seems predictive that they will increasingly assign value to brands that make it easy to take control of how their data is used. This is an opportunity for companies to rethink their remessaging and potentially find a wedge that differentiates them in a highly competitive business environment. 

If you are evaluating your governance process, please reach out to Zia to start a discussion on our privacy governance solution.


Matt Vanore Zia Consulting

Matt Vanore, Enterprise Sales Director – Southeast
Matt has 10+ years of experience as a consultative sales professional primarily in the IT services industry. In past roles, Matt has led both Sales and Delivery teams to service fortune 500 clients in various industries such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Entertainment and Financial Services. Matt has a Finance degree and began his career as a group sales representative in the Insurance industry. Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, playing poker, reading, and coaching youth sports.

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