Across virtually every industry and level of government, “going paperless” is one of the top technology initiatives – with accounts payable as a leading target area for the paperless projects of many organizations. Whether a company is looking for financial savings through a reduction in labor costs or the avoidance of payment penalties, improved accuracy of information for compliance purposes, better management visibility providing “actionable intelligence” or a variety of other reasons, the trend is clear.

Join Alfresco Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting, to learn about their experience using Ephesoft for intelligent capture backed by Alfresco’s content management repository to provide an enterprise solution for Paperless Accounts Payable, with features including:

  • Ingestion from paper, fax, email, or other electronic forms
  • Classification and extraction without the need for manual separation or identification
  • Enterprise workflow for processing of invoices
  • Integration with ERP / Accounting systems
  • Document and records management with Alfresco

The webinar will include a demonstration of Ephesoft IDC, along with specific customer uses cases from Zia projects.


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