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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is driving digital transformation by providing businesses with a solution for process automation. This is especially timely during the pandemic and durations of economic uncertainty. As a UiPath partner, Zia Consulting is able to implement solutions to streamline enterprise operations. This includes replacing mundane tasks—processing paperwork, managing emails, and the like—with automated processes. RPA can free up employees to focus on higher-value tasks. By automating rules-based processes, business users are enabled to spend more time serving customers and solving complex issues. 

Read our latest white paper to learn how RPA can accelerate your business by automating tasks, eliminating human errors, and empowering employees.

In this white paper, entitled “How to Accelerate Your Business with RPA,” we introduce our new technology partner in the RPA space, UiPath. Zia Consulting is excited to be partnering with UiPath. As the undisputed leader in the RPA space, UiPath offers tremendous value across a wide range of technical disciplines. We go into detail about what RPA is and how it works. 

At Zia, we have developed a set of custom ECM-focused activities that target a range of repositories. The first version will target repositories accessible via CMIS. As a refresher, CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is a completed standard for interoperability of content management (content services) platforms. We then discuss the possibilities RPA technology opens, including claims processing, order fulfillment, loan origination, and document archiving to name a few. We outline how UiPath has accelerated businesses as a force for good across many industries during the pandemic.

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