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Robotic Process Automation

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With the increasing costs of human capital, organizations are looking to streamline enterprise operations and replace mundane tasks with automated processes.

Robotic process automation (RPA) can free up employees to focus on higher-value tasks. By automating rules-based processes, business users are enabled to spend more time serving customers, solving complex issues, and managing others. 

As the undisputed leader in the RPA space, UiPath offers tremendous value across a wide range of disciplines.

UiPath’s RPA software robots capture data and interact with applications in the same manner as humans do. They can perform a vast variety of repetitive tasks, from composing a new document from content and information gathered from other systems, to locating existing repository documents and returning system-level and customer-defined content and metadata. RPA emulates the actions of a human, achieving business processes without mistakes, delays, or coffee breaks.


Watch our demo of UiPath Activities from the CMIS connector including import document, create property, search repository, export document, and get taxonomy.

Problems We Solve With

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management


Time-consuming human tasks are greatly reduced


Errors from manual tasks are eliminated


Disruption to underlying systems does not occur


Scalability in a changing changing environment


View the video for our accounts payable example utilizing UiPath Box Activities.

Zia’s RPA journey focuses on document-centric process automation. Our collaboration with UiPath leverages repository and document capture automation. This can be accomplished in a cost-effective manner, especially when the customer has many existing manual processes. Zia has long standing partnerships with Alfresco, Box, ASG Technologies, Ephesoft, and Vidado to implement best-in-class content solutions.


Our channel and technology partnership with UiPath is a natural extension to the automation services we implement for customers around their documents.

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management


At Zia Consulting, we firmly believe that intelligent document processing tools are important, but you must understand what to do with your content. That’s why we created our Document Repository Connector in the UiPath Marketplace. RPA processes built with this connector are agile and able to adapt to changing repositories in a unified and straightforward way.

If you are a RPA user who wants to search, upload, or download content from one or more document repositories, we invite you to try our free document repository activities. All you have to do is visit our UiPath Marketplace and register.

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