Across the country, courts at the federal, state and local level are looking to modernize their content systems. To solve their paper problems, courts are adding enhancements like e-filing technologies, electronic case management, intelligent document and data capture and even secure mobile access. Learn how Alfresco is an ideal choice as the ECM platform for next generation court content systems, providing a framework that supports your existing IT investments and allows you to build what your constituents require – from judges to court administrator to public users.

The webinar will review specific examples of Alfresco in action within court systems, as well as covering a specific case study showing how Alfresco is being used as the CMS system for a major state courts branch as a solution for both e-filing and case management.

As Alfresco’s Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting provides Solutions and Products that address the content needs of organizations across the Public and Private Sector. Focused on the value of content to the business user, Zia helps companies as they strive to become a Content Connected Enterprise.

When: Thursday, January 10, 11:00 AM MST/1:00 PM EST

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