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DITA XML Component Content Management

Componize for Alfresco

Customer experience is paramount to competing in our global economy. From a content standpoint, the challenge of customer experience centers around convenience and consistency. Convenience means providing immediate access to content through multichannel communications. Sometimes customers want hard copy material; other times they want digitally accessible information. When it’s digital, it needs to be formatted for the device. While English might be the predominant language in the United States, it’s only convenient for 20% of the world’s population. 

Maintaining consistency and the convenience that customers demand is a challenge many companies face, given all the content being produced today.

How do you ensure the customer experience and corporate message remains consistent as information moves through different departments and organizations?  

Another challenge organizations face is how much time, labor, and expense is needed to maintain multichannel communications—not to mention the ease of locating pertinent information for people, both internal and external, to the organization. Component Content Management from Componize is the solution. 



Structured authoring and component content management (CCM) have become indispensable tools of the trade. This webinar will address how these tools can work for you

Strategic Benefits of Component Content Management With


Improved Operational Efficiencies

By introducing reusable content that can easily be reformatted or repurposed.


Consistent Corporate Message

By reusing and repurposing content throughout each customer communication channel.


Simplified Translation and Updates

By focusing on what’s changing between each iteration.


Automated Information Assembly

Where content and data combine, particularly when content creation is driven by both humans and machines.

Results You Can Expect


Quality and Consistency Through Automation

Consistency and quality are synonymous with good customer experience. In most industries, the greatest advances to consistency and quality can come through automation, incorporating a progressive assembly approach with interchangeable parts. This holds true for content and information assembly. Breaking content into components gives granular level control, rather than producing a single document. Each component can represent a single topic, concept, or asset.

Zia Consulting enables organizations to rethink how information is collected, created, and used to bring the most value.

Our objective is to digitally transform office content into information assets. Our expertise is in content management and information governance, helping customers discover, evaluate, and act on information that is created and consumed both internally and externally. 

Component Content Management distills information into a granular level so it can be easily shared, reused, and repurposed. Zia Consulting enables customers to unlock information silos by leveraging the best tools for content creation, content process, and management. We help customers with document and information capture, then work on seamless information dissemination via cloud and on-premises sharing technologies.

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