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Digital Transformation Workshops

Business is transforming...are you ready?

The traditional offerings of enterprise content management are going by the wayside and the rise of information management is allowing for interoperability and flexibility. Is your company ready to fully embrace cloud or hybrid-cloud systems? Is your team aware of how this change allows for new revenue streams, a decrease in costs, and even a boost in customer experiences?

Our Digital Transformation Workshop is a round table discussion with key members of your leadership team. You’ll learn about the state of information management, industry best practices related to modernizing your information environments, and how these approaches will address your business’s priorities.

Hosted on site, we will discuss where your team is on the digital transformation journey and recommend how you can accelerate this journey leveraging Zia-recommended approaches and solutions.


Learn the best way to move your specific systems into the future. 

Issues Covered in a Digital Transformation Workshop:



Organizations have content, data, and processes siloed across repositories and technologies.


Manual Processes

A lack of automated, policy-based workflow leaves information fragmented and at an increased risk for errors or security breaches.


Inflexible Technology

Businesses require dynamic and rapid access to infrastructure services supporting hybrid models, business change, and multiple users.


Learn how Zia Consulting and ASG partner together to provide your company with an in-depth, documented roadmap.

In the Digital Transformation Workshop, your team will learn about the state of content management and the best ways to move your specific systems into the future. Together, our teams will discuss how companies are moving this way already but aren’t prepared with solutions that will automate their systems and keep them compliant.

Zia will deliver honest, valuable feedback and create an action plan for next steps. The goal of these workshops is to help your team understand what you have and what you need to transform your business.

You will receive an in-depth, documented roadmap covering what was discussed and actionable items for moving forward in order to meet your business objectives.

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