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Data Intelligence

Know Your Data, Know Your Business

Discovery and Understanding for Data Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Companies across the country are struggling to maintain compliance with ever-increasing regulations such as CCAR, KYC, AML, HIPPA, GDPR, CCPA, and more. They need to be able to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Having confidence in the accuracy and relevancy of that data is critical.

Rocket (formerly ASG Technologies) Data Intelligence (DI) supports data-related compliance and data governance initiatives while improving reports and analytics.

DI is an adaptable platform that provides a foundation for finding, understanding, sharing, governing, and analyzing trusted data across the entire data estate. With DI, businesses can securely use data to make better business decisions faster, and compliance teams can reduce data-related risks and resolve any data problems.


Can you provide the right information to the right people at the right time? Can you trust your data?

Problems We Solve With

Captricity Handwriting Recognition

Data Intelligence


Manual Data Lineage

Automate the discovery, understanding, and maintenance of metadata to trace and recognize valuable assets


Inconsistent Business Definitions

Combination of business glossary and enterprise repository connects business assets with IT assets and provides context to find the right data


Fragmented Data

Quickly locate all personal information managed to demonstrate compliance to supervisory authorities


Distributed KPIs

See when metadata changed, who changed it, and how it was changed


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With Rocket Data Intelligence you can modernize your solutions without risk.

DI software will automatically discover and show the metadata path for everything upstream and downstream from the target application to be modernized/migrated. It also shows the business logic.

Rocket Data Intelligence will show you what caused a change to the metadata and what impact a change will have on it. This ability to do root cause and impact analysis is beneficial for software fixes, data-driven decision making, software enhancements, new application development maintaining present data, software training, and more.

Why Choose Data Intelligence from Rocket?


Reduce Risk with Automated Impact Analysis

Increase Employee Productivity

Reveal the Value Hidden In Your Data

Manage Reference Data Consistently Across the Enterprise

Zia has partnered with Rocket to provide innovative data solutions backed with flexible deployment and comprehensive service offerings to better manage your growing amounts of data.

Our proven experience helping clients optimize and transform their data strategy to leverage next-generation solutions will deliver greater value to your business.


Find out how Rocket Data Intelligence can be used to plan for changes and avoid unnecessary impacts.

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