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Intelligent Document Capture

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The task of efficiently processing documents can be critical to the success of many organizations. Historically, most of this document processing involved a large amount of paper.

While that has changed for many organizations, particularly with the rise of scanning and capture technologies, electronic document processing is still a very costly and complex manual activity—where growing business often requires increasing staff.

Ephesoft Transact is an intelligent document capture and data classification solution that extracts meaningful data from documents no matter the format or how you receive them.


If you’re interested in learning more about capture, you may find our “Professor Pat: Office Hours” series helpful. 


Automate the processing of scanned and digital documents by improving accuracy using web-based open and modern intelligent document capture software.

Problems We Solve With

Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture


Manual Data Entry 

Lower labor costs with OCR classification and extraction.


Human Errors

Drastically reduce errors with automated, reliable software.


Slow Processes

Speed up document processing with an auditable and repeatable solution.

Results You Can Expect


Browser-Based Architecture

A thin client architecture for Windows and Linux environments allows for a fully customizable and scalable platform.


Open Standards and Platform

Allows customization in multiple programming languages.


Streamlined Classification

Without the hassle of barcodes or separator pages setup is easy and efficient.

Comprehensive Extraction

Works with structured and unstructured documents in numerous formats with as little as one sample of each document type.


Full Integration

Works seamlessly with your line of business and enterprise content management systems.

Embedded Capture

Leveraging web services APIs from Ephesoft, we provide in-process capture (IPC) by embedding intelligent document capture into a wide range of other technologies. This allows the classification and extraction of data within workflows or business process.

Flexible Deployments

Choose the architecture that is right for your organization with cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployments. Let the experts at Zia help you determine what’s best based on your company’s unique needs.

FSS Accelerator

Accelerator allows us to keep the content model in Ephesoft simple, but create specialized extraction rules for both header fields and tables for each variant.

  • Accelerator allows for simplified and expedited extraction rule creation
  • Specialized variant extraction allows for higher accuracy
  • Accelerator detects possible extraction rule reuse, increasing rule creation and covering for variants not yet created

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