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Easy Records Management

Powered By Hyland | Alfresco Governance Services
The legacy of records management (RM) systems is one where solutions are often designed for dedicated compliance officers, not content creators. Systems are often deployed in a standalone environment, disconnected from corporate collaboration and ECM platforms. This duplication of effort—moving documents from ECM to RM systems and back again—adds cost and complexity leading to increased probability of non-compliance from errors in the process.

Complying with an ever-increasing number of regulations, makes this more critical than ever. As the volume and range of electronic information increases, so do the problems which ultimately increase the level of risk, the chance of litigation, and possible fines being imposed.

Our RM solutions, powered by Hyland | Alfresco Governance Services, integrate with existing tools to reduce barriers to adoption, duplication of efforts, and errors.  Records are referenced in one central repository to automate processes, reduce risk, and control your data.


Learn how Zia helped digitize decades worth of paper records.


Why You Should Choose

Alfresco Records Management (RM)

Automated records management

Easy administration of the complete lifecycle

Fully integrated with content and business processes

In-process records management

Security, compliance, and auditing


Using simple review and approval processes, automatic records declaration, and disposition schedules, we make managing records easy.

Why Work with Zia?

We believe RM tools should fit into an employee’s daily work habits.

This reduces barriers to adoption, duplication of efforts, and errors with one central repository that automates processes, and controls your data by reducing use of external tools.

Zia provides Easy Records Management (Easy RM) solutions powered by Hyland | Alfresco Governance Services that incorporates tools you use on a daily basis, including SharePoint and Office365. Whether it’s “in-process” records management, automated declarations of records, or intelligent rules for file plans, Easy RM solutions increase productivity and compliance. Additionally, Easy RM solutions are built on a single DoD5015.02 certified content hub for document and records management, reducing duplication and wrong version usage.

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