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Privacy Aware Governance

Manage sensitive data within structured and unstructured data sources

The vast majority of corporate data is currently unstructured, or from unstructured data sources like shared drives, SharePoint, Microsoft365, and Box. Businesses that don’t have the ability to determine which documents and records contain sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII)—or who owns that information—are vulnerable to legal action. Further, they have concerns about the risks of PII in legacy archives, as well as the high cost of migrating information to new systems. Finally, businesses have a complex inventory of content that spans across a variety of technologies, formats, and environments. 


Zia Consulting solves the challenges of finding, classifying, and managing personal information, even when it is indexed and put into a content platform, or managed by line-of-business applications.

WHITE PAPER: Bringing Order to Shared Drives

This white paper concentrates on managing sensitive data within unstructured data sources, such as SharePoint, file shares, and Box.


Problems we solve with Privacy Aware Governance


Managing Content Across Multiple Systems:

Address the structured and unstructured data in your organization across multiple repositories and LOB applications


Complex Deployments:

We offer seamless deployment with ready-built connectors


Lack of Insight Into Data:

Comprehensive and continuous discovery for trust assurance of documents and records


Manual Processes:

Implement automation across the governance process, while inserting human validation

Privacy-Aware Governance Use Case Spotlight

Experts share their insights on how best to reduce privacy risk and automate compliance requirements for content and files.

With Privacy Aware Governance, you can manage document capture, creation, processing, storage and publishing, records management, and eDiscovery.

It also allows you to know who has access to what information within your organization. It reduces the risk of losing data by monitoring, detecting, and blocking sensitive data while in use, in motion, or at rest.  You are able to define the person, data, situations, and methods for which someone can take action on specific data. Privacy Aware Governance protects personal information, manages compliance risk, and protects from breaches.

With increasing regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), companies looking to manage risk need a solution partner with a proven track record in information governance. Privacy Aware Governance works to discover sensitive information within documents across multiple systems, reduces the number of manual steps needed to build a complete picture of your sensitive information, automates the governance process, applies retention and redaction schedules, provides a complete audit history, adapts policies to allow for the dynamic regulatory landscape, and makes applications like SharePoint usable while accessing content across the enterprise.

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