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SAP Archiving Appliance

Powered by Rocket Software Data Archive for SAP


A new way to achieve your business goals that aligns with and exceeds your expectations

Revolutionize Your SAP Archiving Experience

Zia SAP Archiving Appliance powered by Rocket Data Archive for SAP

Other mainstream SAP Archiving Solutions continuously change their pricing based on the volume of data, user seats, and utilization. It is also difficult to juggle the administration of multiple software applications, deal with compatibility issues, and manage complex patching and upgrade cadences.

Zia Consulting’s SAP Archiving Solution Appliance powered by Rocket Data Archive for SAP brings you a fully managed archiving solution to maximize performance, reduce cost, and improve time to value through rapid implementation. This virtual private cloud appliance is deployed in your cloud of choice, typically alongside your current SAP environment. 

The appliance encompasses all of the necessary software and configuration to provide content management for SAP attachments and archival of SAP transactional data. It also has robust enhancements to Print Lists, allowing your organization to leverage data in new ways that support your business functions.  

The advanced governance capabilities leverage SAP’s native ILM functionality so we align perfectly with your existing and future governance strategies.

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SAP Archiving Appliance

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Streamlining Your SAP Migration: Leverage Mobius and Zia Cloud for Time and Cost-Efficient Archiving

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Benefits Aligned with Your Requirements

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Enhances SAP system performance

Cloud Services Deployment

Reduces SAP costs

Content Migration to Cloud Services

Provides external access to documents and attachments

Multi-Tenant Cloud Services

Allows you to leverage, manipulate, and control Print Lists outside of SAP

Custom Cloud Services

Conforms to your existing security standards and protocols

Cloud Services Support

Aligns with your governance and regulatory requirements

Cloud Services Support

Preserves valuable historical data

Cloud Services Support

SAP Certified for ArchiveLink and ILM on ECC and HANA

Effortless Compliance

Leverage one of the most robust and performant certified SAP solutions to automatically store documents, attachments, Print Lists, master data, and transactional data based on your organization’s governance and archival policies. Access existing documents in the standard attachment menus within SAP GUI, SAP WebGUI, Fiori with the application’s native portal environment, or through other bespoke mobile and portal experiences. Leverage the REST API to give users complete flexibility to continue to access information in their familiar user interface.

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Why Choose the SAP Archiving Appliance?

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All-in-One Solution

Consolidates essential archiving and governance tools into a single, cohesive platform that is fully managed.

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Whether you’re a small or large enterprise, the SAP Archiving Appliance grows with you. Our flexible architecture is future-proofed for growth, allowing seamless scalability, ensuring that your business can adapt to changing demands without missing a beat.

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Security First

We understand that your data is the key to your business, which is why we deploy the solution appliance in your environment leveraging your existing security standards and protocols. Data is encrypted and access control is enforced based on your requirements, with regular security audits to ensure alignment.

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Traditional software licenses and restrictive cloud platforms can drain your budget with surprises and changes to pricing structures. The Zia SAP Archiving Appliance offers a predictable subscription model. No surprises, just value.

Launch the Calculator to Generate Your Own Custom Pricing and ROI

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