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Disruptive Innovation

Meet challenges and take action with disruptive innovation and digital transformation.

In AIIM’s 2019 The State of Intelligent Information Management Report, only 8% of leaders believe their business model will survive the information economy. This means that the need for innovation is greater than it has ever been. 

Disruptive innovation and digital transformation are critical to the innovation process. Disruptive innovation happens when products and services emerge in simple applications at the bottom of a market. Because they are less expensive and more accessible to the public, they move upmarket and eventually displace established competitors. Digital transformation describes a foundational change in the implementation of new technologies, talent, and processes.


Disruptive innovation and digital transformation initiatives will:

Drive Better Margins

Provide a new technology backbone

Automate processes

Create happier employees

Establish new customers

EVOLVE21 Presentation: Disruptive Innovation and Digital Transformation

Disruptive innovation and digital transformation initiatives need to be taking place within your organization.


Disruptive innovation is a process, not a product or service.

It should focus on a new business model that has lower cost and strives to dramatically improve customer experience. Using these initiatives is not about becoming the next Uber. It is about understanding how your digital transformation initiatives can drive new thought processes to disrupt your own business. 

Zia Consulting can help you determine ways to use technology to rethink your business processes to drive significant change in how you satisfy your customers and manage risk. Disruptive innovation can occur at any level within your organization, but it is much better when it is embraced from the top and consistently applied throughout the organization.

We will help you navigate: 

  • Using a framework and model to determine how you can begin integrating, extending, retiring, or rebuilding complex systems to work together
  • Using the concept of hyperautomation to drive solutions that satisfy customers, while also saving money and time
  • Gaining control over your content to make automated privacy and governance decisions that minimize your risk to the business

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