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SAP Archiving Solution

Save time and money with Zia Cloud Offering, SAP Archive Project and SAP Document Migration

SAP transactional and content data grows rapidly and has a negative impact on performance in SAP environments and increases the cost. SAP archiving moves data from the live SAP system to a separate storage system for long-term retention. This optimizes system performance, reduces storage costs, ensures compliance, and preserves valuable historical data. It allows for efficient data management, streamlined system maintenance, and improved overall SAP system performance.

With the sunset of SAP ECC6.0 and the upgrade to S/4HANA in 2027,  customers need to find a way to streamline how they transition to the new environment without incurring the steep costs associated with replatforming on S/4HANA. This is why it is imperative to find an alternative to expensive legacy methods that charge by the amount of storage used, and increase the cost of support and maintenance over time.

Rocket Software and Zia Consulting

Rocket Software and Zia Consulting offer an SAP Archiving solution that maximizes performance and reduces cost. We provide a modern and cost-effective external storage and archiving technology that automatically stores documents and transactional data based on your organization’s governance and archival policies. Documents can still be accessed in the standard attachment menus within SAP, with the SAP Archive web-interface, or through other bespoke mobile and portal experiences that leverage our REST API.

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“The Best of Both Worlds: A Modern Document Platform tailored for your SAP Data Archives” brought to you by Zia Consulting and Rocket Software.


“Optimizing Your SAP Archiving Strategy
Drastically improve efficiency and reduce cost with Zia Cloud Offering with SAP Archiving and Document Migration.

Problems We Solve with SAP Archiving

1. Increased storage costs

Avoid expensive hardware and infrastructure costs associated with live SAP databases. Save on operational costs by reducing the number of users or data volume, and the time needed to backup and restore data.

2. Unreliable response times

Reduce the size of the live database and improve system performance by moving less frequently accessed data to a separate storage system.

3. Inefficient processes

Enhance user productivity with faster and more efficient transactions, queries, and reporting processes.

4. Unsecure Storage Environments

Provide a secure environment that protects and maintains the integrity and authenticity of historical and sensitive customer data. Protect data from accidental or unauthorized modification during storage and transmission.

5. Difficulty Meeting Compliance and Legal Requirements

Store data for the required duration and ensure adherence to industry regulations and legal obligations.

6. Inaccessible Data

Ensure seamless data access for reporting, analysis, historical reference, performance evaluation, auditing, and legal purposes.

7. Unusable Data

Retrieve and view archived data to promote business continuity and enable informed decision-making with historical data.

8. Time Consuming Upgrades

Decrease the time required for system backups, data migrations, and upgrades by reducing the amount of data in the live system.

9. Costly Maintenance Processes

Minimize the impact on business operations, reduce downtime, and facilitate smoother system maintenance processes.

10. Long-Term Data Preservation

Preserve historical SAP data so that valuable business information is retained and available for analysis, reference, or compliance purposes, even as the SAP system evolves or data volumes grow.


Our approach includes the deployment of our SAP Document Migration utility. This streamlines the migration of documents to the SAP Archive environment to recognize immediate value.

90 days

Zia follows a rapid implementation model to allow your organization to gain value from your investment in 90 days.

6 months

Customers typically recognize a return on investment in as little as six months.


Organizations can achieve data reductions of 40% or more with SAP Archiving.

Managed Services Offerings

Managed services allows you to rapidly recognize the value of the application, remain agile, and redeploy value resources to other critical business functions. 

We have three options to accommodate your specific requirements related to managed services:




In your existing cloud


In the Zia Cloud

What Gets Archived

Inurance Claims Processing Solutions

Depends on the  specific archiving strategy, type of data being archived, and organization’s data retention policies.

Mortgage Loan Document Automation

Often includes infrequently accessed information such as completed transactions, outdated master data, audit logs, log files, and other data that is not critical for day-to-day operations.

ECM Solutions for Line of Business Applications

Live document content, with access to the documents through the standard menu options.  

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Reach out to us for a thorough analysis and assessment of your SAP system, data usage patterns, and data retention requirements. From there, we can determine the specific percentage of data that can be removed through archiving. 

Launch the Calculator to Generate Your Own Custom Pricing and ROI

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