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Government agencies and companies that work for the government face many challenges with records management. These organizations must provide users with easy access to records while still controlling access according to government regulations.

These agencies use multiple tools to store and handle records, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Salesforce. When records reside in silos, it is difficult to maintain information governance and enable users to find the records they need quickly.

The Hyland Alfresco platform provides federation and manage-in-place capabilities so that organizations can meet federal government regulations for records management, while also delivering an efficient and satisfying user experience.

Here’s an overview of a couple of Hyland Alfresco use cases that illustrate how the solution meets records management and governance challenges.

Federated Search

When organizations use multiple solutions to store records, they create informational silos that make it difficult and time consuming for users to locate the information they need. Hyland Alfresco enables federated search by providing a connection between repositories.

By sitting between repositories, the Alfresco platform streamlines the records search process during tasks, such as e-discovery and Freedom of Information Act requests. The user can enter Alfresco and carry out a federated search across repositories to find content. Alfresco allows users to work in the systems they are accustomed to using a single interface for search.


Most government agencies must use an electronic records management system that allows them to follow strict compliance regulations governing the access, disposition, and retention of records. The Hyland Alfresco platform provides manage-in-place functionality for document management with the power of governance.

Agencies need a way to manage records where they live. Like federated search, Alfresco allows, employees to use the systems they are accustomed to while benefiting from the platform’s management capabilities.

For the purposes of collaboration, records are often stored on a shared drive. Alfresco gives users access information, while maintaining compliance regulations that govern accessibility. The platform can determine which records are active and which need to be archived. Alfresco also provides centralized control of records access policies.

Alfresco empowers organizations to retain and destroy records according to the proper retention policies. With Alfresco, organizations can automate the records lifecycle by creating retention schedules.

The Value of Hyland Alfresco

Hyland Alfresco enables government agencies and the companies that work for them to build an electronic record management program across the organization using a single platform that consolidates the user interface. Adopting Alfresco for federation and manage-in-place helps organizations reduce the risk of data exposure and increase efficiency.

By using federated search, employees decrease the amount of time that they need to find records. Organizations still relying on paper records can shrink the amount of floor space they use for storage. For those organizations already using digital records, Alfresco reduces duplication of records and incidents of using the wrong version.

Alfresco makes it easier to follow government regulations for the access and retention of records, eliminating the risk of incurring fines for noncompliance. Organizations that use Alfresco feel pride in being at the front end of meeting regulations. These agencies serve as role models by building a reliable records management program and taking ownership of a strong solution in the space.

Why Partner with Zia Consulting for Records Management?

Zia Consulting provides services to integrate and implement Hyland Alfresco. We have a long and successful track record of partnering with Hyland to create records management solutions for customers that overcome tough challenges. Hyland refers companies to Zia Consulting as a trusted partner for records management.

We will put together a proof of concept (PoC) to show our ability to configure a solution that demonstrates immediate value. Zia can create a day-in-the-life scenario to illustrate how the Alfresco platform works in your organization’s environment.

Our engagements create a tight integration between Hyland, Zia, and the customer. When customers don’t have Alfresco expertise on board, we foster a long-term relationship that continues throughout the lifecycle of the project to provide ongoing support.


Find out how to overcome your records management challenges.

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