If the last ten years are any guide, the amount of content that businesses need to manage will only increase as more companies adopt mobile, cloud and social technologies. The challenge will be integrating content across technologies, platform and devices; managing content through its entire lifecycle and providing secure access to it. More than ever, businesses need an effective content management strategy to manage the creation, sharing and storing of critical information.

Zia ECM Solutions

Alf_Partner_of_the_year_2013Zia Consulting provides enterprise business solutions for content management from paper to mobile. What sets Zia apart from other IT consulting firms is our deep understanding of the business requirements related to enterprise content.  By combining expertise in content management, application development, enterprise integration, mobile and Cloud Computing, Zia helps businesses understand their content requirements and develop effective strategies tailored for their individual business.

From implementing and customizing ECM systems to enterprise integration to designing workflows or automating content-centric business processes, we have done it all.  Whether you are looking to implement a new ECM system or optimize your existing one, our consultants can help.  We are experienced at implementing entire ECM systems, designing records management policies, building complex workflows, taking content mobile and integrating ECM systems with CRM, ERP, portal, and document capture solutions.

Our unique background allows us to partner with our customers to develop a strategy that addresses their business requirements and provides immediate business value. We work to maximize your existing technology infrastructure and make strategic technology recommendations that will allow you to leverage your content more efficiently while staying on budget.

Zia Roadmap Assessments

Zia Consulting works with companies to preform detailed roadmap assessments of its technology systems and understand how users interact with business content.  During the assessment, our consultants will work with you to understand your content needs, requirements, workflow and business processes.   We will identify ways to improve access, management, workflow, reporting and storage of content ensuring that you meet governance requirements and stay on budget.

We will help you evaluate your IT environment strategically and make recommendations on how to implement document management technology and features. Our assessment is designed to help you understand how to leverage your content in smarter ways and manage it more effectively for immediate results.

ECM Optimization

Building off the ECM Assessments, Zia’s Optimization services help a company maximize its existing Alfresco ECM implementation by providing advanced customization, workflows and enterprise integration services.  We help companies implement, customize and optimize each of the Alfresco models for records management, social collaboration and Web content management.

Zia Professional Services, Application Integration and Trainings

Zia Consulting offers a variety of professional services, application integration and training to help customers manage and connect with content anywhere. Our services range from designing, customizing, implementing and integrating content management across business applications.

Because our consultants work with customers to understand their business needs and content requirement, we are able to recommend and provide development services that offer immediate value to your IT organization and end-users.  Using an Agile development methodology, we strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by delivering complete sets of functionality early and often.  This approach delivers solutions and results quickly for our customers.

Alfresco Whitepaper: ECM Solutions

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