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Zia RPA Powered by Hyland

Remove busy work and bottlenecks with true end-to-end automation

Automation is a necessity for companies wanting to progress in their digital transformation journey to maintain a competitive edge, focus on customer satisfaction, and optimize business processes. Today’s companies need the right tools to be able to plan, build, run, and manage automations so they can augment their human workforce with digital workers.

To meet customer expectations, companies must develop automation programs that use digital workers to streamline business processes.  Hyland robotic process automation is the solution.


Digital workforces are the future. See how we use Hyland RPA to make companies more productive, improve employee morae, and satisfy more customers in the staffing industry.


Problems We Solve with Hyland RPA

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Allocate resources correctly to accomplish processes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Human Error

Eliminate errors resulting from time-consuming manual data entry and calculations that compromise the ability to make business decisions.

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Shift employee focus from low-value, repetitive, and routine tasks to rewarding work that demands a higher skill level.

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Inability to Scale

Increase productivity and meet growing demands instead of relying entirely on a human workforce that lacks automation expertise.

Results You Can Expect

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Easy to Use

Use low-code, drag-and-drop tools that integrate with core systems.

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Better Analytics

Capture, compile, and sequence process steps; recognize elements for process tracking; and document user interactions.

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End-to-End Processing

Increase efficiency with multifunctional bots that work alongside human workers, taking over repetitive, manual, rule-based tasks in any department.

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Centralized Interface

Provide a single interface for management and customization that allows for real-time monitoring, controlling, and reporting of automations, as well as the creation of new automations as priorities change.

Medical Records Company Email Automation

Zia Consulting helped a large Medical Records Company automate and optimize email records using Hyland RPA to provide the glue between integrations. Our engagement with this company shows the benefits of Hyland RPA, including:

  • Improved Accuracy
  • Increased Efficiency
  • End-to-End Processing

Hyland RPA helps companies assemble a digital workforce through a comprehensive robotic process automation software suite.


By integrating with other platforms and process management tools, Hyland RPA accelerates your company’s digital transformation, empowering you to leverage automation opportunities and develop an automation program across your business. With Hyland RPA, you can connect disparate systems, generate a return on investment (ROI) more quickly, and increase your organization’s productivity.

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