Insurance Document Automation

Zia Consulting provides insurance document automation solutions to organizations worldwide—including life insurance, property and casualty, and reinsurance. Whether you want to modernize the way you interact with core systems, reduce costs to deliver operational excellence, increase customer satisfaction and retention, or address cyber security and compliance needs, we can help transform your business.

Our solutions target the costly and complex document processing tasks that exist from applications to underwriting to claims, delivering a rapid return on your technology investment.  We leverage intelligent classification and extraction, advanced workflow/BPM, content management, and enterprise integration to deliver immediate cost savings, enhanced customer service, and improved governance.

As the leading partner for Alfresco ECM, Activiti BPM, and Ephesoft Intelligent Capture, we bring experienced guidance and targeted customization based on your specific needs.  Our philosophy is to let workers use the technology they want—from email and Office to SharePoint—to ensure user adoption. We also automate the security and records management process to deliver what the business needs.

Insurance Document Automation and ECM Modernization

Insurance companies are faced with the competing requirements of improving profitability while delivering world-class customer service. They are trying to manage growing amounts of information from a wide range of sources—both traditional and social. Finally, they are forced to comply with an ever-increasing number of regulations, while providing critical information to the business. Our solutions for insurance deliver:

  •      Best-in-Class Operational Efficiency in Document Processing
  •      Improved Customer Retention Through Enhanced Customer Service
  •      Consistent Compliance and Enterprise Cyber Security
  •      Business Insights that Create Action

Focused on allowing users to “work they way they do today,” our solutions integrate with your existing tools and core insurance systems to ensure both increased productivity and enhanced governance.  Specific features:

  •      Automated Document Processing from Paper, Fax, Email, Upload
  •      Intelligent Capture Technology for Classification and Extraction
  •      Customer/Broker Portals and Websites
  •      SharePoint and Office365 Solutions
  •      Email Integration—Outlook and Gmail
  •      Universal Content Security
  •      Simplified Records Management

Use Case: Life Insurance Applications

One of the most complex, document-intensive processes is new life insurance applications. With a wide range of different forms required as part of the application, many of which vary by region or state, the amount of documents created from a single application is enormous and continues to grow. At the same time, the sources, formats, and types of those documents can vary widely. To address these challenges, we have partnered with a leading life insurance provider to create on offering that manages documents:

  •       From Any Source – Applicant, Agent, Doctor/Lab
  •       In Any Form – Paper, Email, Web/Portal Upload, Mobile Capture
  •       Of Any Type – Forms, Lab Results/Medical Documents, Salary Information, and More
  •       Delivered to “Content Hub”
  •       Documents are Automatically Classified and Data is Extracted
  •       Integrated With Your Core Systems
  •       Delivering Actionable Analytics – Integrated with BI/Reporting and Compliance Systems

Extraction as a Service™
  • Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) Technology
  • Classification & Extraction without Bar Codes / Separator Pages
  • OCR / ICR
  • Bulk Processing (Mailroom Automation)
  • Individual Documents (In Process Capture)
  • Cloud or On-Premise
  • Integrated with Current Systems
Zia OneView™
  • End-to-End Analytics
  • Initiate, Validate, Track, Close
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Integration
  • Reporting Systems Integration
  • Compliance Systems Integration