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Every project at Zia Consulting is unique and requires our engineers to customize solutions to fit specific company needs. With two decades of experience in content management and hyperautomation, Zia has a tried-and-true process for assessing what is going to make the biggest difference for your company. This blog outlines an automation use case that Zia is currently working on with a large medical records company. This project involves creating a custom solution using Ephesoft’s capture technology to extract information in documents and emails that come from a variety of sources.

Defining the Problem

The company receives a large number of financial documents from multiple sources via email. These emails have important information in both the body and the attachments. Because they come from various companies, the emails and associated documents are formatted differently. Currently, they have a manual process that requires employees to read emails and documents, extract information, sort that information, standardize language, and finally store the information. These tasks take valuable time and are error-prone and inefficient. 

Zia developed a way to automate how information is accessed and then identify the source, intended recipient, and information contained. From there it is stored securely. With a human, this is a lengthy process where even simple mistakes, like misspelling a name or copying an account number incorrectly, are problematic.

Describing the Project

Zia created a new, customized, multi-step solution that removes the human element by automating the whole process. This starts with using Ephesoft Transact to capture information, get attachments, and classify and identify attached documents. Ephesoft is also used to extract the relevant information from attachments by sorting each document into a specific type of form. Once the type is identified, the software scans content to find and extract specific information like account numbers and investment amounts. Once the information is saved, a person manually ensures the information was processed correctly to safeguard against potential errors. 

This process standardizes common terms with multiple synonyms into the company’s preferred language. This makes information more consistent and easier to find. Simultaneously, Zia is creating a portal that makes the process of accessing information and checking for accuracy seamless, less complex, and less error prone. This reduces stress and enhances employee satisfaction. 

How can this solution help your company?

Today’s companies face the challenge of adapting to an ever growing online environment where technology is capable of processing data faster than people can input it. Companies know there must be a faster, better way to handle the digital volumes of information from emails and portals. However, most don’t really know where to start. 

This is what Zia does. We solve the seemingly insurmountable problems surrounding content management and automation. We give you a strong footing supported by best practices and the right technologies. With the help of our engineers, countless companies have implemented solutions ranging from simply updating old technology without losing valuable data and systems, to completely overhauling paper systems in favor of digital processing. 

This is a better way to do business but can feel overwhelming. Zia helps you start small with something like email automation. We want you to experience an immediate return on your investment. From there, we help you break down other complex processes into reasonable deliverables. 

Reach out to us today to talk about how your business can reap the benefits of modern technology and create a faster, more efficient, streamlined model.

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