We’re excited to have had the MBA 2017 Annual Expo in Colorado. We had so many visitors to our booth where they played our Process is Right games, congratulations to our winners! They also saw a demo of our mortgage document automation solution, updated for TILA-REPSA documents.

Visitors heard customer success stories showing how our loan document automation solutions provide a rapid ROI and results such as:

  • 700% increase in worker productivity
  • 50% decrease in time spent on data classification and verification
  • 67% decrease in loan processing times
  • 90% data accuracy rates
  • Increased closing capacity without increased headcount

The changing landscape of ECM requires modernization. However, the ECM and BPM market is dynamic and requires a deep understanding of available solutions and the factors that must be considered in the buying process. The need for a fully automated solution is now more important than ever. Utilizing even a partially manual process opens enterprises up to errors, longer processing times, security issues, and unpredictable costs. Improving the customer experience isn’t just about investing in apps and systems accessed directly by the consumer.

New regulatory requirements and enhanced oversight, combined with industry consolidation and restructuring, have pushed banks to look for solutions that can improve a wide range of business processes related to mortgage documents. With the size of an average mortgage loan at over 500 pages and hundreds of different document types, the labor intensive and costly methods of processing loan documents used in the past are no longer possible for banks that want to compete. By implementing an automation solution that focuses on data extraction, classification, and workflow, many companies can cut processing expenses and risk by more than 90% while providing an exceptional employee and customer experience.

Learn more about how we can automate your processing and deliver a rapid ROI by contacting us today.

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