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Zia Consulting’s Fresh Docs 2.0 mobile application allows users to access enterprise content management (ECM) systems from any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.  With Fresh Docs, users can browse, search, retrieve, open, download and email documents from any ECM system on a mobile phone or tablet device.  Fresh Docs enables users to use their ECM content in mobile productivity applications, adding more business value to mobile devices.  Fresh Docs is available FREE from the Apple iTunes Store.

Make it your Own

But Fresh Docs is more than just a mobile application, it’s truly a mobile CMS platform. For organizations that require a mobility solution, Zia offers an enterprise version of Fresh Docs that provides private distribution, corporate branding, customized features, and enterprise integration – with Zia professional services to deliver and support the application. In addition, Zia offers an OEM version of Fresh Docs, for companies that want to embed mobile CMS functionality within mobile productivity applications or even ECM oerings, to add further business value to mobile devices.

The Technology

Fresh Docs leverages the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification to communicate with leading ECM systems including Alfresco, IBM Filenet P8, Microsoft SharePoint, Nuxeo and OpenText.  Fresh Docs securely communicates with any CMIS compliant ECM repository.

Users can configure Fresh Docs to connect to a repository using wireless technology built into the device.  The connection supplies an authenticated user to provide a custom view of the ECM system.


Key Features

  • iOS native application for mobile access to ECM systems
  • Connect to any CMIS repository supporting the CMIS AtomPub protocol binding
  • Authenticate to an ECM repository
  • Multi-account support
  • Browse the ECM content that the users can access
  • View content metadata directly in the application
  • Search the ECM system from a mobile device
  • Identify favorite content for easy access later
  • Open content in other applications to access robust productivity applications available on the mobile device
  • E-Mail content using the device’s native email support
  • Capture & Upload Photos, video and audio
  • Split-view display on iPad

Professional Services Packages

  • Branded application with custom name, icon, graphics, colors, and about screen
  • Internationalization of the text throughout the application
  • Enterprise application deployments for in-house application delivery
  • Deployment of customized applications to the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace
  • Application customization to meet an organization’s business requirements
  • Application support and training
  • Integration with other business or mobile applications

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