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State Agency Modernizes Their Capture Solution


State Workforce Agency



Migrating the existing capture solution from Kofax to Ephesoft/Zia Capture Solution in order to increase automation and accuracy


  • 90% decrease in the legal decision-making process
  • 50% decrease in manual indexing for the benefits team
  • Faster service to applicants and employers
  • Decrease of manual work to get documents into repository
  • Indexing can now be done from any browser and workstation

The Company

This state agency helps provide employment services for individual job seekers. Employers and businesses can post jobs, hire veterans, and apply for qualifying federal tax credits. The agency continually strives to improve processes and align the organization to provide effective, demand-driven products and services. The agency’s staff consists of administrative, labor services, workers’ compensation, labor market information, and the unemployment insurance services staff. The agency maintains a statewide delivery system of regional, satellite, and expansion offices.

The Situation

The client was looking for ways to improve the ingestion of documents including mailroom improvements and scanning. They were using Kofax Capture which was not providing the legal and benefits departments with the high accuracy document recognition results or the automated data extraction required. This manual process meant long hours and an ineffective use of employee time. Because of the slow scanning system, one team manager was coming in on weekends in order to stay on top of the scanning backlog.

The Process

Zia met with the agency’s teams for a discovery session which included a two-week assessment. Based upon the findings, they moved forward with two implementations, one for the benefits team and one for legal. The team was spending too much time on manual indexing of the documents. They also needed validation from back-end systems to ensure that the documents were indexed correctly. The legal solution created logic that splits documents automatically, pulls case numbers from appeals documents, enriches the information provided from the system of record, and puts documents into the repository. The benefits solution finds applicant information based on multiple key data fields and then pulls relevant metadata from the system of record before exporting to the repository.

Document Workflow:


The Results

The solutions have created substantial times savings for both departments. By decreasing the amount of document indexing required under the old system, the legal decision-making process now takes about 90% less time than before the system was put into place. Benefits has seen a decrease of 50%—indexing that once took three days can now be accomplished in just one and a half. Both departments have experienced improvements in the automation of indexing the documents.  

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