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One of Zia’s current projects is automating and optimizing email records intake for a large medical records company. For this project Zia Consulting uses Hyland RPA, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology that provides the glue between integrations. This allows us to work smoothly with an existing content management platform. Zia’s approach is to automate as much of the process as possible, optimizing the speed and accuracy of operations while freeing employees to spend their time on more valuable, complex tasks.

The Process

At the onset of working together, the medical records company manually opened emails, downloaded attachments, and put them into a new system. The process involved logging in, searching, finding the files, downloading each file to the correct portal, putting it in the correct classification, and reading the files. Then they determined where to route things, depending on the information contained in the files. 

Now, the company receives 100% of their emails through the bot first. RPA mimics and repeats user behaviors like opening a browser or downloading content from a portal. With automation, employees only have to check for the correctness of the sorting. Of course, in every automation project the final step of the process is an employee checking the work of the software for errors. 

Automating these processes resulted in an 80% decrease in manual input for the medical records company. 

Benefits of RPA

Protection and Compliance

Automation increases the ability to protect a person’s personal identifiable information (PII) and follow HIPAA policies to maintain user security and privacy. Users are required to sign in, which provides more protection than that of a company not using a secure portal.


With RPA, the software performs all of these tasks with a great degree of accuracy in a fraction of the time. Instead of “reading” the files, the software captures metadata by interpreting the information in the email, parsing the attachment or attachments, or checking the subject line of the email.


Operations can increase in speed and efficiency, and valuable information is processed just as securely. Employee hours are spent on difficult tasks or fixing small errors instead of repetitive data entry.


Zia knows that consistency is critical to successful automation projects. They identify where content systems fail continually and then implement solutions that have the biggest impact and add the most value for the customer. Manual entry of forms results in inconsistencies, incomplete sections, abbreviations, and inconsistent language. Using RPA allows for the use of consistent and reliable terms, which in turn makes the process of mining data lakes easier and more efficient. 


This project has three main sources of information: fax, email, and portals. In roughly 9 months of services, Zia expects to automate the email process, as well as all four of the customer portals that receive information. The project will pay for itself within a year of completion, which is an unbeatable ROI. With RPA, companies can expect an increase in the volume they process, as well as the efficiency, speed, and accuracy with which it is processed. 

Zia Consulting does automation projects for companies of all sizes and across multiple industries. Read our blog on the future of RPA and let’s connect and discuss how we can support your automation projects.

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