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Last month, Zia Consulting and Objective were at AIIM23 in New Orleans to bring you an important message: Don’t Be Grilled By Content Silos, Inefficient Processes, and Patches and Upgrades! Perhaps we had an opportunity to talk with you at our booth while playing bag toss and making individual bags of trail mix. If you didn’t attend or we missed you, we are always available to discuss your business problems and brainstorm strategies to help you be more effective and save money along the way. 

We were excited to be at AIIM this year because we know that many companies struggle with unstructured content that can’t be easily automated, while also needing to ensure their data is protected and regulated. Together, Zia and Objective have the ability to help you automate core business processes with federated access to data in disparate content repositories. We sure had a lot of interesting conversations about what is possible, both at our booth and during our roundtable discussion. 

The exciting thing about our partnership with Objective is that we can work together to meet your needs, regardless of where you are on your hyperautomation journey. The majority of our conversations at AIIM involved creating tailored solutions to problems. While Zia tackled converting unstructured content into structured data that can be automated, Objective shared how Objective 3Sixty can integrate platforms, federate access to content, and manage records and information in other repositories without costly migrations and unrequired change management. By working with Zia and Objective, you can automate unwanted positions, improve customer and employee satisfaction, make sure data is protected and regulated, and reduce the amount of time that qualified people spend doing highly repetitive, inefficient, and costly manual tasks. 

Hyperautomation with Zia Consulting involves Intelligent Document Processing, Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Automated Governance, and Integration. You can see by the diagram below that customers can interact with Zia at any stage along the way.

Zia also has a managed services offering that allows organizations to deliver the full potential of their content management, governance, and automation programs. There are several flexible options to manage your application platforms including on-premise, in your existing cloud, or in the Zia Cloud.  Each program is customized to your specific needs based on your organization requirements and objectives.  

Objective 3Sixty offers a decentralized approach to managing and governing information, with over 50 content repositories. You can search and analyze information, manage content in-place, and migrate from wherever it resides. It is flexible and can be deployed to provide knowledge workers federated access to content across multiple systems, an overarching NARA compliant governance layer across an entire organization or as a data fabric layer to enable process automation initiatives.

AIIM was the perfect place to share how you can avoid being grilled by content silos, inefficient processes, and patches and upgrades! It was fun to interact with people that brought their energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, and questions to the event. We had exciting and innovative conversations and can’t wait to continue helping people think through their most challenging business problems. 

You don’t need to be overwhelmed by massive amounts of content or efficient processes. We love solving hard problems. Our goal is to start with high value, low-hanging fruit that shows you an immediate return on your investment. Let’s continue the conversation if we had an opportunity to chat with you at the conference. If you missed AIIM this year, or we didn’t get a chance to connect, please reach out so we can begin the conversation. It would be our pleasure to help you save time, money, and resources as you move into the future of automation.

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