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From paperboy to CEO, Mike Mahon’s career has always involved having a passion for people and creating an environment where staff are at their very best in their work and personal lives. In this episode, Mike shares that having grit involves doing whatever it takes to get the job done. More importantly, it involves getting the right things done. Gratitude is not being a jerk along the way. It involves being honest, open, vulnerable, and appreciative of the small wins.

Listen to his podcast with Digital Disrupted to hear strategies for preparing for the worst, while taking care of people and generating growth at the same time. Mike shares some of his secrets around building connectedness, being calm in the face of adversity, investing in people, communicating effectively, driving value, maintaining hope, and staying sane in the process. You will be inspired by his leadership and resourced with ways to innovate and stay relevant during good and challenging times.

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