Alfresco Mobile

Alfresco called on Alfresco Platinum partner Zia Consulting to help develop the new Alfresco Mobile application.

“This has been a great opportunity for us to leverage our mobile development experience and to work with the Alfresco team to get Alfresco Mobile to market,”

said Mike Mahon, CEO of Zia.

Alfresco Mobile connects to Alfresco Enterprise (3.4 and above), Alfresco Team, and Alfresco Cloud* and provides access to your corporate documents on the go.

With Alfresco Mobile, you can:
• Easily navigate your sites and folders in Alfresco.
• Quickly download and view documents on your iPhone or iPad (Microsoft Office Documents, PDFs, videos, images, etc…).
• Capture and upload of video and audio recordings.
• Upload documents.
• Add comments to a document and view comments from others.
• Comments are automatically synced to the Alfresco repository.
• Open documents in other apps for editing.
• Open documents in Alfresco Mobile from apps such as Mail App, Office² HD or DocsToGo.
• Save your favorite documents on your iPhone or iPad for offline viewing.
• Easily email documents right from the app.
• Capture, tag, and upload documents and multimedia from your iPhone or iPad.
• View a content activity feed with direct link to updated documents.
Alfresco Mobile connects to your Alfresco repository using your Alfresco log-in credentials (over HTTP or HTTPS), and manages user access based on their permissions.

Alfresco Mobile 1.2 added the following features:
• Integration with the QuickOffice “Save Back” feature to quickly open, edit, and save back documents to your repository.
• Connect to multiple repositories.
• Connect to the Alfresco in the cloud service (available early 2012).
• Improved user interface and caching.

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