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Secure Collaboration

Secure EFSS for anytime, anywhere content control, file transfer, and more.

Workspaces for Secure Collaboration

BlackBerry® Workspaces allows for secure collaboration, with all the features you expect from an advanced enterprise file share and mobility solution. Create collaborative workspaces, share files inside and outside your organization, access your files from any device and ensure that the latest version of your file is always synced and available across all your devices.

What makes Workspaces different from competitive solutions is its file-level security.

It offers 256-bit file encryption and access controls to ensure that only authorized users can access your files—even after they leave your network. Workspaces also embeds Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection into files, which means that you can control whether users are able to save, edit, copy or print the files.


Protect your content everywhere it travels with BlackBerry Workspaces, the world leader in Secure File Synchronization and Sharing.

Blackberry Can Provide: 

Secure Collaboration

Secure content syncing and sharing on any device

Secure Collaboration

Connects the right people to the right content

Secure Collaboration

Security that always stays with your files

Encrypts files at rest, in transit, and in use

Secure Collaboration

Integrates protection into critical business apps

Secure Collaboration

Allows users to lock files while they are being edited

BlackBerry® Workspaces is the leading secure EFSS solution, allowing users to access content anytime, anywhere, and file share inside and outside their organization. With a secure file store and the ability to transfer data while maintaining control, employees and IT alike can be confident in data sharing and document security.

To extend this doc security to email encryption, BlackBerry® Workspaces Email Protector is a standalone solution that automatically applies file-level encryption, user access and DRM controls to outbound email attachments.


View this walk-through of the Workspace Enterprise File Sync and Share Solution


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