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A new RPA partner

Zia Consulting is excited to be partnering with UiPath. As the undisputed leader in the RPA space, UiPath offers tremendous value across a wide range of technical disciplines. At Zia, we are finalizing a set of custom ECM-focused activities that target a range of repositories. The first version will target repositories accessible via CMIS. Other repositories only accessible via native APIs will be following soon. Initially, the actions available will be GetDocument, CreateDocument, and SearchDocuments, as well as a taxonomy discovery capability.

Technology to look forward to

GetDocument will be able to return not only the content but also all of the available metadata, both system-level and customer-defined. The metadata can be made available in three forms: XML, JSON, and the original hierarchical object, which can be directly accessed in UiPath for downstream activities. The metadata will take the same form regardless of the content repository it comes from. This will greatly simplify downstream processing in cases where multiple repositories are in use. Version scoping will also be available where supported to target the absolute latest version, the latest released version, or even all available versions.

Similarly, the taxonomy discovery will return the repository taxonomy in a structure that is the same—no matter which vendor’s system it comes from. This means that an Alfresco taxonomy will be directly comparable to one from OpenText, FileNet, SharePoint, Mobius, or others.

The CreateDocument activity will enable UiPath to compose a new document from content and information gathered from other systems and add it as a new document in the ECM repository.

The SearchDocuments activity will enable UiPath to locate existing repository documents. This will be particularly useful for discovery, research, finding duplicates, and more. One interesting approach would be taking action on newly added documents. Often, there are multiple activities that are initiated when incoming documents are added to a repository. This will allow UiPath to be an active or even driving participant in these activities.

New capabilities built natively in .NET

Since UiPath is natively built with .NET, these new capabilities are built natively in .NET as well. This will give the best available performance for all the ECM activities. Connections to the various repositories will be configured via connection string (similar to those used to access databases). As more connectors are made available, the manner in which they are configured will remain the same. Look for more ECM-focused activities to follow as well. Some use cases include claims processing, order fulfillment, loan origination, and document archiving to name a few. Any company that has a content repository and uses UiPath can benefit.

These activities will be made available via UiPath Go! Zia has many years of ECM expertise and thought leadership. We have won partner of the year with Alfresco, Ephesoft, and ASG. As a relatively new UiPath partner, we are committing to the same level of energy that has been recognized by our other partners. Zia intends to become the first name in ECM when it comes to UiPath. By successfully bridging the gap between RPA and content (unstructured data), we can drive substantially more value for our customers.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

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