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December 2015: Office365 and Content Security

Learn how our partnership with Covertix provides Universal Content Security, allowing users to continue working with Office365 systems, from Outlook to SharePoint, while complete rules-based protection is automatically applied.

December 2015: Office365 and Your Business

Learn how our partnership with SeeUnity provides enterprise-class integration with Office365. Built on the Alfresco ECM platform, our solution allows users to continue creating content with the tools they prefer, while automating key business processes.

December 2015: Enterprise Outlook Integration

Learn how our partnership with Repstor provides enterprise-class integration for Microsoft Outlook. Built on the Alfresco ECM platform, our Adhere for Alfresco solution allows users to continue working the way they want.

October 2015: Stress-Free Content and Business Process Migration

You will hear how Baldwin & Lyons partnered with Zia to migrate millions of documents to a new Alfresco-based solution, without any disruption to their ongoing business.

April 2015: Solving Content Chaos with Smart Capture® for Government – Digitization of Records and Process Automation

We’ll review how agencies from human services to court systems have implemented capture solutions for these issues—and how Ephesoft Smart Capture® for Government delivers the most innovative and advanced technology in the market today.

August 2014: Ephesoft + Linux – Smart Capture™ is Now Even Smarter!

With the recent release of Ephesoft 3.1 on Linux, the modern alternative to legacy intelligent capture technologies is now even further differentiated from the costly and complex choices of the past. Here we provide an overview of Ephesoft on Linux and discuss the unique value provided with this offering.

June 2014: Ephesoft 3.1 Release – What’s New and What We Love!

Included in Ephesoft’s recent 3.1 release are over 120 new features and enhancements, with a primary focus on simplifying the usability of the product. Join Zia’s EVP and Capture Practice Lead, Pat Myers, for this webinar as he reviews what’s new and what we love about this version of Ephesoft!

April 2014: Fixed Price, Fixed Duration – Get Your Project Started Right with ICE

Join us for this quick webinar to learn more about ICE. Discover how our proven method of discovery, technical assessment, and project road-mapping will mean success for your project.

February 2014: Zia’s Simple + Secure Back Office Part 1: Going Paperless with Ephesoft

In Part 1 of our Simple Secure Back Office webinar series, we will focus on “going paperless” – leveraging Ephesoft’s Intelligent Capture technology to provide a RAPID ROI on solutions that automate corporate functions.

January 2014: Zia Mortgage Solutions: Building Dynamic Borrower Sites Using Crafter and Alfresco

This Mortgage Solutions webinar will focus on the Origination phase of the loan process, specifically covering the creation of Dynamic Borrower Sites with Crafter and Alfresco.

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