This complimentary webinar will focus on the top four things you’ll love in the latest version of Ephesoft Transact 4.5

Zia Consulting will host a complimentary webinar on the latest release of Ephesoft, “4 Things You’ll Love in Ephesoft Transact 4.5.”  This 30-minute webinar on July 25, 2018 at 11am MDT, will be led by Pat Myers, EVP and co-founder at Zia Consulting. Myers serves as the company’s capture practice lead and co-authored the book Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft.

The recent release of Ephesoft Transact 4.5 includes more than 220 new features, integrations, enhancements and updates. There is a significant focus on machine learning technology users are especially interested in. The webinar will focus on four highlights of the new release:

  • Operator-Assisted Machine Learning (changes to config/table): Training the system as you work
  • Zoom View for Operators: Focus in on the required data for validation
  • Connectivity to External Systems: Export from content management systems and RESTful export
  • Transformation Support: Upgrades to Ghostscript and ImageMagick

According to Myers, “We will review many of the key enhancements within Ephesoft Transact 4.5 that we’re especially excited about. These will also including demos of operator-assisted machine learning and zoom view for operators.”

The task of efficiently processing documents can be critical to the success of many organizations. Historically, most of this document processing involved a large amount of paper.  Ephesoft Transact 4.5 can be trained to gather information and automatically classify and extract the data in just a few steps. When even one field is trained, Transact begins learning the surrounding fields for validation as well.

Zia is a platinum-level Ephesoft Partner and five-time Ephesoft Partner of the Year. Zia Solutions for Ephesoft include mortgage and insurance automation, invoice automation, employee onboarding, and more.

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