Our recent webinar, entitled “4 Things You’ll Love in Ephesoft Transact 4.5,” was led by Zia Consulting EVP and Capture Practice Lead, Pat Myers. During the event, we learned about just a few of the 220 new updates in the latest release of the software.

We began with a short explanation around Transact and the benefits an intelligent capture solution can bring to companies. By removing large amounts of manual processing, businesses are able to cut costs—and human error—while allowing employees to focus on higher value tasks.

With the increased focus on machine learning technology, there are several new features users are especially excited about. Pat reviewed what our four favorite features are in this version of Ephesoft:

1. Machine Learning: Improvements – Manageable and Now Supports Table

Rather than Ephesoft assuming everything is correct, operators can now set rules around documents and extraction guidelines which the software can then begin learning. Pat demoed of how this learning happens in an invoice use case.

2. Operator Experience: Zoom and Dual Monitor

Now you can select options to zoom into so that character-by-character validation is easier to conduct. There is also a dual monitor setup allowing for an easier-to-view experience.

3. Export Options: From Content Management Systems and RESTful Export

While there were a lot of options in 4.1 and prior around CMIS, there are now options for Box, SAP, SharePoint, and RESTful Web Services.

4. Import Improvements: Upgrades to Ghostscript and ImageMagick

Import and export handles even more PDF variations—including PDF 1.7. Improvements to import consistency and support for 32-core Windows servers for OCR..

We reviewed several more of the key enhancements within Ephesoft Transact 4.5 that Pat gives a notable mention. Attendees also heard about improvements to CJKT character recognition support. Zia contributed to additional updates that improve the performance of file transfer—making it up to 800% faster.

Zia is a platinum-level Ephesoft Partner and five-time Ephesoft Partner of the Year as well as co-author of the book, Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft. Zia Solutions for Ephesoft include mortgage and insurance automation, invoice automation, employee onboarding, and more.

View the slides for this webinar here or watch the full recording here.

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