5 Keys to a Successful Ephesoft Implementation

5 Keys to a Successful Ephesoft Implementation Pat Myers, EVP and Co-Owner at Zia Consulting Recently, Ephesoft asked me to participate in a webinar, where I was asked for my thoughts on what makes a successful Ephesoft implementation. Traditionally during our webinars, I demonstrate capture with a vertical focus—such as mortgage or insurance—or perhaps by […]

Insight for Ephesoft Demo

Zia Consulting’s Insight for Ephesoft is an application monitoring software add-on for Ephesoft that provides detailed reporting and metrics on the performance of your Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture system.     Now we have created a video demonstration to show you first hand the power of Insight for Ephesoft.  Please contact us if you have […]

Ephesoft 3.0 Sneak Preview Webinar Recording

On 6/28/2012 we did a webinar on the new 3.0 release of Ephesoft.  We are excited to share all the new features.  In the recording we cover: Ephesoft 3.0 features and demo Ephesoft training and certification Insight for Ephesoft – Advanced reporting Ephesoft book coming out in September Watch Now Slideshare

Ephesoft User Management – Adding New Users To The Out-Of-The-Box LDAP Instance

To access the installed version of LDAP you can open the JXplorer client that is located in {EPHESOFT_INSTALLDIR}\Dependencies\OpenLDAP\ldap-client\jxplorer-3.2.1.  Launch the application by double clicking on the jxplorer.bat.  Establish a connection to the server by selecting the menu option of File>Connect.   Set the host to localhost and the port to 389.  Set the “Level” to […]

Securing the Administrative Interfaces in Ephesoft

To ensure only administrators are able to log into the administrative interfaces you can modify the configuration to specify the group(s).  The configuration that needs to be modified can be found in the web.xml located in: Ephesoft Install DirectoryApplicationWEB-INF   The groups can be specified in the security constraint element for each piece of functionality.  […]