April 2017: Unlock the Power of Handwriting Recognition to Optimize Your Business Processes
Learn how leading insurance, financial services, and healthcare companies are leveraging new technology to automate processing of their paper-to-digital operations—including handwritten forms.

February 2017: Shared Drives and Content Sprawl—What to Do
We will review the methods for classifying information, what you are able to accomplish with policy evolution, and the technologies and methods available to limit the sprawl of content.

November 2016: Documentum Acquisition – Strategies for Moving Forward
A discussion of possible outcomes for Documentum in the wake of the potential acquisition, how you can co-exist, or how you can migrate to a more suitable option.

August 2016: Accelerating Claims Automation
Whether in property and casualty, life insurance, reinsurance, or any other type, improving claims process efficiency to deliver a competitive advantage has become a top priority.

June 2016: Moving On From Kofax… Why, When, and How?
Many organizations have concerns with the whirlwind of activities around Kofax, from the changing ownership structure to changing the business focus away from capture. In this webinar, we will review these concerns in depth—with our recommendations on when, how, and where to move.

May 2016: The Top 5 Features We Love About Alfresco 5.1
Join us for a webinar that will walk you through The Top 5 Features of Alfresco 5.1 with something for everyone, including business users, analysts, developers, and architects.

May 2016: The Post-TRID World… What Next?
With the introduction of the CFPB’s TRID now six months behind us, the mortgage industry is getting a clear look at the results of its implementation.

April 2016: Automated Archiving with Easy RM
Easy RM from Zia, powered by Alfresco, automates the RM process. Easy RM creates complete file plans with retention and disposition schedules directly from actions in accounting/ERP or CRM systems like SAP, Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics.

March 2016: Modernizing Document Processing with Activiti BPM
Learn about business solutions that leverage Alfresco Activiti to deliver workflows that are simple, yet powerful. Solutions that have the flexibility to work across your business, delivering the tools you need for collaboration inside and outside the organization. And solutions that provide actionable analytics which drive significant business process improvements, as well as supporting compliance requirements.

March 2016: Moving Your Business from Documentum to Alfresco
In this webinar we review our specific migration methodology—ActiveMigrate—with best practices for moving your content based on our experience from dozens of successful Alfresco migration projects. ActiveMigrate is focused on delivering your content and workflow, without disruption to your business.

February 2016: ERP/CRM Webinar Series: Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Alfresco
What if your employees could continue to work in Dynamics and still get the benefits of a modern, flexible ECM platform? Join us to learn how our partnership with SeeUnity, a leading provider of Microsoft solutions, allows us to provide Alfresco as a content hub while still allowing corporate finance, accounting, or sales professionals to work within Microsoft.

February 2016: ERP/CRM Webinar Series: Integrating Salesforce with Alfresco
Through our partnership with SeeUnity, Zia delivers a solution that integrates Salesforce with Alfresco to make that idea a reality—today. Join us and learn how you can make your documents searchable and shareable outside Salesforce, and how you benefit from advanced workflow with Activiti BPM.

February 2016: ERP/CRM Webinar Series: Integrating SAP with Alfresco
Join us to learn how our partnership with Pernexas, a leading provider of SAP solutions, allows us to provide Alfresco as a single system of record, while allowing corporate finance, accounting, or human resources professionals to work within SAP.

January 2016: Insurance Document Automation Solutions: Automating Contracts and AP
Zia Consulting delivers Secure Back Office Solutions to help you address the cost and complexity of managing your most corporate critical documents—from employee records and legal documents to contracts—allowing you to save time and money across your back office.

January 2016: Insurance Document Automation Solutions: Automating Claims Processing
Join us to learn how we partnered with a leading insurance company to automate their claims processing and revolutionize their business. We will review how we were able to reduce the time to deliver claims documents to an adjuster from an average of eight hours to only 15 minutes.

December 2015: Office365 and Content Security
Learn how our partnership with Covertix provides Universal Content Security, allowing users to continue working with Office365 systems, from Outlook to SharePoint, while complete rules-based protection is automatically applied.

December 2015: Office365 and Your Business
Learn how our partnership with SeeUnity provides enterprise-class integration with Office365. Built on the Alfresco ECM platform, our solution allows users to continue creating content with the tools they prefer, while automating key business processes.

December 2015: Enterprise Outlook Integration
Learn how our partnership with Repstor provides enterprise-class integration for Microsoft Outlook. Built on the Alfresco ECM platform, our Adhere for Alfresco solution allows users to continue working the way they want.

October 2015: Stress-Free Content and Business Process Migration
You will hear how Baldwin & Lyons partnered with Zia to migrate millions of documents to a new Alfresco-based solution, without any disruption to their ongoing business.

April 2015: Solving Content Chaos with Smart Capture® for Government – Digitization of Records and Process Automation
We’ll review how agencies from human services to court systems have implemented capture solutions for these issues—and how Ephesoft Smart Capture® for Government delivers the most innovative and advanced technology in the market today.

February 2015: Solving SharePoint: Introducing Adhere for Alfresco
Here we discuss how to migrate your content from SharePoint to Alfresco, when required. In addition, we will look at mobile solutions for your combined SharePoint/Alfresco deployment.

November 2014: Targeting User Adoption with Sharepoint, Office, & Outlook Integration for Alfresco
During this presentation, we outline our Easy ECM Solutions, powered by Alfresco, that deliver rapid user adoption, so users aren’t forced towards alternatives that don’t fit your Enterprise IT strategy.

October 2014: ActiveMigrate for Legal – It’s Time to Move from eDocs, iManage or other Legacy Legal ECM’s
This webinar outlines why Alfresco is the ideal Legal ECM solutions (“where”) and then discuss the strategy and framework we’ve developed and termed ActiveMigrate™, greatly reducing the risk of “how” to get there.

September 2014: ActiveMigrate – Seven Steps to Effectively Moving Your Documents to Alfresco
Comprised of seven steps, our effective ECM migration approach is based on 10+ years of migration experience and countless migration projects. These steps will help you define your business drivers, break down your project into critical components, and ensure that you can continue to utilize your documents throughout the migration process.

August 2014: Ephesoft + Linux – Smart Capture™ is Now Even Smarter!
With the recent release of Ephesoft 3.1 on Linux, the modern alternative to legacy intelligent capture technologies is now even further differentiated from the costly and complex choices of the past. Here we provide an overview of Ephesoft on Linux and discuss the unique value provided with this offering.

August 2014: Everyone’s a Records Manager. A User Perspective on Simply Creating and Accessing Records.
Zia provides Easy Records Management (Easy RM) Solutions that work they way you do, connecting those who are creating content with the compliance process. Easy RM incorporates the tools you use on a daily basis, reducing barriers to implementation and adoption.

July 2014: Automating Contracts Management with Alfresco – Save Time, Money, Customers!
Learn about our experience providing Contracts Automation solutions powered by Alfresco to a wide range of organizations, across both the public and private sector.

June 2014: Ephesoft 3.1 Release – What’s New and What We Love!
Included in Ephesoft’s recent 3.1 release are over 120 new features and enhancements, with a primary focus on simplifying the usability of the product. Join Zia’s EVP and Capture Practice Lead, Pat Myers, for this webinar as he reviews what’s new and what we love about this version of Ephesoft!

June 2014: From Applications to Claims – Insurance Automation Solutions Powered by Alfresco
Learn about our experience providing document automation solutions powered by Alfresco to a wide range of organizations across the insurance industry, allowing us to create our Insurance Document Automation Solutions (IDAS).

June 2014: Simple + Secure Human Resources: Document Automation & EasyECM
Learn how Zia’s ECM Renovation solutions for HR will help you save money and increase control and compliance.

May 2014: EasyLegal 2.0: Migrating from Legacy Legal ECM Systems
EasyLegal ECM, powered by Alfresco delivers Document & Records Management as simple as using Email or File Systems, with the power of enterprise-class CMS features and functionality.

April 2014: Rapid ROI & Rapid Adoption: ECM Renovation for Government
Save money and increase control and compliance with Zia’s ECM Renovation Solutions for Government

April 2014: Fixed Price, Fixed Duration – Get Your Project Started Right with ICE
Join us for this quick webinar to learn more about ICE. Discover how our proven method of discovery, technical assessment, and project road-mapping will mean success for your project.

February 2014: Records Management for Financial Services with Zia’s EasyRM
Zia created the concept of Easy Records Management (Easy RM) Solutions that work they way you do, connecting those who are creating content with the compliance process.

February 2014: Zia’s Simple + Secure Back Office: Featuring SAP Integration
In this webinar, we will introduce the Simple + Secure Back Office with Alfresco, and then focus specifically on the integration with SAP systems from SAP FI to SAP HCM to link Content Management with your business critical applications. (Featuring Connexus ™, the only Certified Alfresco to SAP integration.)

February 2014: Zia’s Simple + Secure Back Office Part 1: Going Paperless with Ephesoft
In Part 1 of our Simple Secure Back Office webinar series, we will focus on “going paperless” – leveraging Ephesoft’s Intelligent Capture technology to provide a RAPID ROI on solutions that automate corporate functions.

January 2014: Zia Mortgage Solutions: Building Dynamic Borrower Sites Using Crafter and Alfresco
This Mortgage Solutions webinar will focus on the Origination phase of the loan process, specifically covering the creation of Dynamic Borrower Sites with Crafter and Alfresco.

January 2014: Migrating to Alfresco Part II: The “How” – Tools & Best Practices for Renovating your ECM System
Learn about best practices for migrating your content to Alfresco based on experience from dozens of successful Alfresco migration projects.

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