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This year Zia Consulting and Rocket Software were at IASA Xchange in Minneapolis from June 4-6, 2023. Of course, we brought our normal fun selves with a game of bag toss for a daily winner of a $50 Amazon card. There was also an opportunity for hungry conference goers to make a custom bag of trail mix. We had some great conversations at our booth about how hyperautomation can bridge the gap between legacy and modern business systems by providing seamless integration of systems and processes from inception to end of content life. If you had a chance to come by, you learned how our solutions provide:

  • Automatic underwriting and claims decisions
  • Audit and analytics services
  • Access to a self-service portal 
  • Mobius in the cloud offerings

We all know conferences can be fast-paced and fun for a lot of reasons but our joy comes from having valuable conversations about how we can make life easy, systems more efficient, and employees and customers happier. Among the things we shared was how insurance document automation is critical to stay ahead of the curve in an ever changing climate focussed on customer and employee satisfaction. 

Zia uses hyperautomation to help companies by: 

  • Ensuring form fields are filled out and signed correctly so that a workflow can push documents that are Not in Good Order (NIGO) back to customers before a human being spends valuable time reviewing documents.
  • Automating approvals, denials, and underwriting with straight through processing.
  • Allowing you to switch to rock-solid, user friendly applications that allow bots to interact with the system on your behalf. 
  • Saving revenue by implementing checks and balances that ensure accuracy and connect to various systems of record to make billing and claims more streamlined.
  • Allowing you to create an automated self service portal that improves the customer experience, speeds up turnaround times, and empowers customers to be an active part of the solution.
  • Using the cloud to enable the type of compute power needed to fully understand and make use of large data sets.

Whether or not you attended IASA, we would like to invite you to check out some of our resources. We have seen that using hyperautomation to improve business processes results in employees being able to allocate roughly 73% of their time on high-value tasks instead of things like case creation, data entry, and clerical tasks. Have a look and let us know when you are ready to talk about your specific experience and needs in more detail.

Here is a good place to start:

Contact us anytime and we’ll begin your hyperautomation journey!

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