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This year, Zia celebrated its 20th anniversary. One of the founders, Jeff Barry, looks back to when it all began. “Twenty years ago, Zia was composed of three people located in different parts of the United States. At that time, we implemented a large project for a single client. In the years since, the company has grown through multiple formative evolutionary phases. At every step of this growth, some more difficult than others, I’ve been consistently grateful for the high caliber of our whole team. Zia’s past is a story of extraordinary people focused on providing value for clients, solving hard problems, learning, and adapting. Zia’s future is the same.” Zia is an award winning company that has been recognized for their expertise in enterprise content management for many years. Today, they are also leading the charge for SAP archiving and cloud and managed services.

While the company started small, they have always focused on creating a team of experts who are passionate about the work they do. Zia’s celebrated their 20th by hosting a party that brought the entire Zia family together from all over the world. During the week, team members got to be in-person for their regular quarterly business reviews and engage in fun team building activities. In the evenings, family members, friends, and employees listened to live music, ate dinner, drank wine, and watched slideshows of holiday parties and other activities from previous years. One day, the engineering team went on a collective bike ride from Vail Pass to Frisco. Founder Pat Myers said “It was a terrific day with the weather, the company, and the scenery. It was a day well spent and one that we will remember for years to come.” The week gave us an opportunity to reflect on our values and what has allowed Zia to grow into what it is today.

With the strengths of Zia’s employees, the business continues to grow and thrive. Zia nurtures an environment that drives, motivates, and cares for the incredible people who made the company successful. About his feelings on the 20th anniversary of Zia, Pat Myers said “It is amazing that it has been 20 years since we started Zia. We wanted to create an environment that centered on integrity and valued everyone. It is amazing the gravity to which that has happened and the caliber of people that have joined and stayed with us over the years. I am honored to be a part of this exceptional organization.” President and CEO, Mike Mahon said, “In 20 years we have become an international company with clients and employees all over the world. Employees that started working for us 19 years ago still work for us today. Many of our partners and customers have also been with us for more than 15 years. It has been an honor to lead this diverse and caring group of individuals.”

Zia’s founders have always focused on the people of Zia. From the very beginning, the most important thing has been supporting employees with unique expertise, experience, and circumstances. The Zia team is a passionate and talented group of individuals that collaborate with multiple partners to bring their customers the technology required to solve the most difficult business challenges. The future is bright and everyone at Zia is excited to continue being a powerful and exceptional contribution to the industry.

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