Across a wide range of agency types and at all levels of the government, new technologies are needed to meet requirements for the open government initiative. At the same time, open solutions are driving costs down and improving business processes. Whether it’s through “paperless” initiatives or through the connection of content across agency systems and even outside the walls of your organization, modernization is moving forward throughout the public sector allowing better access to information for everyone.

Join Alfresco Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting, for this webinar featuring a series of “lightning demos” highlighting Alfresco as the “content hub” at the center of modernization solutions including:

  • Intelligent Document Capture
  • Case Management
  • Secure Electronic Signature
  • Multi-Tenant Private Cloud

This webinar recording includes demonstrations of specific technologies connected to Alfresco, including Ephesoft and OpenWorkdesk Case Management, as well as Zia product overviews for ZSign and MTNow.

View the recording now! 

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